The OpenD Programming Language

Rough sketch of the overall development plan.


Move the examples to independent files that are magically added to the files


Fork dmd+druntime, fork phobos. Keep them as separate repos for dev prolly

Fork ldc? Want to copy its CI setup for deployment.

A monorepo of compiler, website, libraries, would be ideal. But might make pulling stuff from Walter's dmd more difficult.

In any case, get language documentation into the compiler repo somehow, so one PR can update the docs and compiler at the same time.

Helper programs

Deployment: take the separate builds and combine them into one package. Add the opend accessible productivity portal.

opend command: updates opend-xx command and forwards commands to the latest opend-xx. This is all it does; the original opend.exe should never need modification.

`opend please prune opend` can delete old versions of opend-xx for you.

opend-xx commands: install, build, run, test, etc; your package manager and build tool.

`opend-xx please update opend`

A directory "precompiled/" can be first on the search list and hold the modules exempt from the -i directive (if their build spat out a different .d than their original input) with a file that lists the command modifications required to use it (-i=-things and -lthings). This is NOT to hold build settings as it is just a local cache!