The OpenD Programming Language

What could bring me back to upstream?

Radical reform of process. There should never again be work left to rot. There has been a very long history of forks and abandoned contributors in D due to slow responses from Walter, going back at least as far as the Ares library that would later become Tango (and later, druntime).

Walter has taught us that in aviation engineering, yes, you try to have parts that are as reliable as reasonable possible, but you recognize that it is impossible for any one part to be perfect. Instead, the whole design of an airplane is based on the idea of avoid any single point of failure, including avoiding cascading or coincidental failures. You can make a reliable system out of unreliable parts.

For example, a commercial flight will always have two pilots, so if one gets sick or something, the other can still take over. They have separate controls, connected to the machinery by different paths, so if one side breaks, the other will almost certainly be ready to take over without delay. Pilot training has the crew cross-checking each other, so a mistake made by the captain will be caught and corrected by the first officer instead of blindly following orders.

D's current dictatorship model goes contrary to those lessons. Whether benevolent or not, a dictator is still a single point of failure and a bottleneck on the process. We need to correct this to finally allow D to thrive.

A few ideas:

I don't expect any of this to ever happen.