The OpenD Programming Language

We still need to set this up in detail! The OpenD language was just created on January 1, 2024.

Download from github

You can download the prebuilt releases here from github.

There are two compilers built from the OpenD source: the quick compiler, based on Digital Mars' dmd code, and the optimizing cross-capable compiler, based on LDC's llvm code.

The prebuilt release comes with the ldc program.

However, if you build it yourself, the dmd-based quick compiler is usually easier and faster to compile.

Building the compiler

The compiler code itself is compatible with upstream D, so you can bootstrap it using those compilers.


dmd-based compiler

On Windows, you will want GNU make (make sure you get the two dlls it depends on too, from the same website) and an upstream D compiler to get started. Run make from inside the "x64 Native Tools Command Prompt" that VS install sets up. You might want to copy the make exe and dlls into the dmd bin folder.

git clone
cd opend
cd compiler\src
dmd build
cd ../../druntime
cd ../phobos

You can then use opend\generated\windows\release\64\dmd.exe, God willing.

ldc-based compiler

You'll need cmake (from and llvm (at least version 11.0, no newer than 17.0.1, from installed.

LLVM's website doesn't offer a complete download for Windows. So this won't work offers a download that works though...

mkdir build; cd build; cmake .. -DLLVM_ROOT_DIR="c:\Users\adamd\Downloads\llvm-16.0.2-windows-x86-msvc17-msvcrt\"

Open the .sln file in Visual Studio and click the build option in the right click menu of the ALL_BUILD project. hope it works... it didn't for me though

alternatively maybe:
  1. Download cmake and put it in your path. Its installer can do this for you.
  2. Download llvm binary build. The thing from the official llvm website does NOT work but there are others out there. Put the path to llvm bin in your PATH.
  3. Open a x64 Native Tools Command Prompt from your VS install
  4. cd \path\to\opend
  5. cd ldc
  6. mkdir build
  7. cd build
  8. ...hit a wall because the cmake thing looks for llvm-config which is not included in the download. ugh. Need to adjust again.


Initial setup

git clone

Make sure gnu make and gcc are installed too.

dmd-based compiler

# cd into your clone...
cd opend
make -j8 dmd
make -j8 druntime
./generated/linux/release/64/dmd --version

ldc-based compiler

# cd into your clone...
cd opend
cd ldc
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make -j8
./bin/ldc2 --version

Please help!

If you know how to adapt CI scripts to do release downloads, please get in touch.

Aspirational ideas

The plan is to do something like

  1. Download
  2. Unzip
  3. Run
  4. (Optional) Install
# to install it to your path
opend please install

# to download optional components
opend please setup-compiler

opend please setup-project

# to build
opend yourfile
# or
opend please build yourfile

# to precompile a library
opend please build arsd.cgi