The OpenD Programming Language

Directional Aims and Items of Consideration

This is a rough list of things we'd like to look at. Anybody can add an idea to the list (PR the website!) and each one might be reviewed and rejected by the community, but these are the specific items of consideration.


These are things not in the language, but around it.

In Active Investigation


These changes are obvious wins, no breakage, easy implementation, just need to make the change.

Probably, if easy

These changes would be nice to have. Some specifics might need to be worked out, the implementation might be difficult, it might cause breakage... all those things might remove them from the list. But, they deserve investigation and experimentation. If these items work out with minimal trouble (including managing potential breakage), we'd like to see them. If not, they might be dropped.

Undecided, but maybe

These items would also be nice to look into, but the cost/benefit ratio looks lower at first look.


These things have proven to be problematic in the past and are not likely to happen.

Already finished

Can there be a reconciliation with upstream?

See an answer here.